Turnstyle acquired by Yelp

The WiFi marketing company will bring its services and data to the review site's marketing resources.

Toronto-based WiFi marketing startup Turnstyle has been acquired by Yelp in a $20 million USD deal.

Turnstyle offers location-based marketing and analytics services through free WiFi portals. When a consumer enters an email address to access free WiFi provided by a restaurants, retailer or event venues, Turnstyle clients can use the info to build contact lists, run automated campaigns, serve email offers, retarget and measure their engagement.

In a press release announcing the deal, Yelp said the combination of Turnstyle’s offline data with it existing online search data “will deliver a comprehensive intent-based marketing resource to local businesses.”

“We’re excited to expand our product offering for local businesses through this acquisition,” said Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp co-founder and CEO. “Turnstyle… is an effective retention and loyalty program that helps businesses be more successful.”

While Yelp’s focus appears to be on the local businesses it is already known to feature through its website and mobile app, Turnstyle has worked with larger brands including Burger King, Subway, Nando’s and South St. Burger since it was founded in 2012.

On Turnstyle’s side, founder and CEO Devon Wright said in a blog post that the deal will allow the company to increase its scale and rate of innovation, as well as increase it audience and work with more partners.

All of Turnstyle’s 30 employees will be joining Yelp, and the company says it doesn’t not expect any changes in its services or relationship.