Check it out: Protecting from a noxious killer

"The Silent Killer" PSA strikes back at carbon monoxide.

Cineplex- Animated Lobby Backlit Sign (Still)

Ontarians have been seeing horror-movie-style posters for the last while as the province’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority spreads the word about a silent killer.

The organization says there has been a uptick in carbon monoxide incidents, and has launched its “The Silent Killer” PSA campaign to spread the word about furnace inspections and CO detectors.

It focuses on a 90-second video that plays to the horror trope of “there’s something in the basement.” The threat, however, is a leaky furnace.

The video is running in Ontario cinemas and as pre-roll on YouTube, supported with print and transit advertising and some SEO spending. The campaign is scheduled to run until May.