Check it out: Forty Creek finds a good place on TV

The whisky brand is embarking on its most expensive campaign yet as it aims to tell its brand story to Canadians.

Forty Creek Canadian whisky is out to tell its story to a TV audience for the first time. Its new brand awareness campaign, “From a Good Place,” is centered around the story of the brand’s heritage, featuring its master blender Bill Ashburn and its humble roots in Grimsby, Ont.

The national English-language TV campaign – its first – is the biggest marketing spend in its history. Brand manager John Andersen said Forty Creek is in the top-five for Canadian whiskys in terms of market share, although he wouldn’t provide the exact figure. Its popularity has gone up over the last several years after winning 10 awards at the in 2014 Canadian Whisky Awards, including Flavoured Whisky of the Year. Since then, it’s been laying plans to expand its outreach to its core 25-to-54-year-old male demographic.

“This presented an opportunity to us because we knew now was the time to tell the story of the brand to consumers,” said Andersen. “The profile of the brand has been raised, so it was time to put a bit more behind it.”

The spring-themed 15- and 30-second commercial, which dropped earlier this week, will air until June, and an autumn-themed spot will air from October to November.

The creative comes out of Cossette’s Toronto office.