Hootsuite debuts ROI-focused offering

A new measurement tool and consultancy service aims to help marketers prove the value in their social campaigns.

Hootsuite has launched a new measurement tool and consultancy offering to help organizations close the loop between their social media metrics and the ROI it delivers.

In February, Hootsuite acquired LiftMetrix, a company based around measuring the ROI driven by social engagement through things like purchases, sign-ups and email acquisition.

That offering has now been morphed into Hootsuite Impact, a new set of tools integrated into the Hootsuite platform. The executive dashboard shows how social campaigns across platforms drive conversions, leads and sales, tying them back to KPIs and offering optimized strategies for both paid and organic campaigns. It also provides competitor benchmarks, analyzing their own performance and identifying their best-performing content types.

Impact is also compatible with other web analytics and business intelligence tools, so the social data can be compared to other marketing efforts.

Going beyond vanity metrics and proving the value of social engagement by connecting it back to ROI has been a pain point for marketers. In its announcement, Hootsuite cited a recent Forrester Research survey that showed 36% of marketers have a good sense of the qualitative, but not quantitative, impact of their social marketing, while 44% haven’t been able to show the impact of social.

Further to that goal, the company has also announced the launch of Hootsuite Value Realization. The service will give clients access to a team of Hootsuite experts, who will consult and help them create a measurement framework and establish the KPIs that will deliver insights about ROI, as well as the talent and tools needed to do so.