A new PSA in the war on dementia

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary and Dementia Network Calgary shows the impact of waning memories.


Those who have watched loved ones suffer from memory loss know well the pain of bearing witness to that struggle, an experience that two organizations are showing in a new PSA.

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary and Dementia Network Calgary have debuted “Forgetting the Past,” a poignant look at the effect of memory loss. The 45-second spot follows a young soldier running through the forest as his story is narrated by his sister. As his story unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear that the now elderly woman’s memories are foggy, with the piece ending on her grandson comforting her as she faces the distressing feeling of losing pieces of the past.

“Our goal was to create an emotive commercial that would move the needle on raising awareness about dementia in the community and the effects it has on families as well as the person with the diagnosis,” Jill Petrovic, director, philanthropy and engagement at Alzheimer Society Calgary said in a press release.

The PSA was created out of Toronto-based production house Someplace Nice and is running online and on regional TV stations in Calgary.