Fast Facts: The changing role of the CEO

KPMG's latest CEO survey shows many are investing in an expanded personal skill set.

KPMG’s 2017 Canadian CEO Outlook report shows CEOs in Canada are seeing their roles evolve.

The survey of more than 1,300 CEOs worldwide included 51 Canadian CEOs, more than 90% of which worked at publicly traded companies, and more than 40% of which reported revenues over $500 million annually. Alongside answers to questions about industry disruption, market challenges and technological investment was the fact that many CEOs have begun training programs to expand their skill sets.

The report says 71% of CEOs report taking training or earning new professional qualifications in the past 12 months, while 75% “say they are now more open to new influences and collaborations than at any other time in their careers.”

The 2017 Canadian CEO Outlook (like surveys conducted by other consultancies) also polled CEOs on their organization’s resilience to disruption. An overwhelming majority (86%) said their companies are being proactive and are themselves acting as a disruptor in their sector, while 75% saw disruption as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Technology lies at the heart of CEOs’ disruption investment priorities, with the Internet of Things, software philosophies like block chains and better data management leading the way.