The Keg looks inside to show off its hospitality

The restaurant continues its push around special occasions by turning the focus to its staff.

The Keg is continuing its efforts to be seen as a destination for celebrations by connecting its own hospitality with Canada’s culture of inclusivity.

A new spot begins with real Keg staff going over might be considered the “most Canadian” words, going through a stereotypical list that includes ones like “eh,” “hockey” and “snow,” before each one settles on the one they believe best represents both Canada and the atmosphere at The Keg: “welcome.”

The Keg’s longtime AOR KBS Canada created the spot, which debuted during the Canada Day long weekend and will run until the end of July.

The “Welcome” spot was actually based on an internal anthem video KBS created to be shown at planning sessions and presentations to franchisees. Ryan Bullock, VP of marketing at The Keg, says the response from staff and Keg franchise owners convinced the brand to create a version of that video that could be shown to public and embody the idea that it’s the company’s staff that makes the restaurant a destination for special occasions.

“With Canada 150 coming up and The Keg’s Canadian roots, there was a great opportunity to take that essence and turn it into something for Canada 150,” Bullock says. “The spot is an extension of the latest campaign in that it’s guest-focused and talks about celebrations, but the reason people are able to celebrate and enjoy The Keg so consistently is because, at the heart of it, our staff and culture is so welcoming and inclusive.”

Launched in April, The Keg’s latest campaign was focused on showing the restaurant as a destination for celebrations and special occasions. Bullock says the results of that approach have been positive so far, and will likely continue for at least another year.

“One of the unique selling points we always hear back from customers is how great our service is,” he says. “Sure they’re coming in for the steaks and great food, but they’re also coming to a place where they know they can be comfortable and be themselves because of the atmosphere and how they are treated by our staff.”

The Keg is also currently running wild postings in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, as well as social posts and Snapchat ads, to promote its new cocktail hour menu. While the “Welcome” campaign is targeting a broader audience, the cocktail hour work is skewing towards a younger target who might be inclined to come in for drinks and appetizers after work.