The Source connects to smart home expertise

The tech retailer is promoting its smart home wares as consumer interest grows.

The Source’s new video ad wants to position the home electronics retailer as the go-to destination for connected home technology.

As part of the national “I Want That” campaign created by Juniper Park\TBWA, the new phase kicked off with a spot called “Busted” that shows parents controlling the music and lighting during their son’s secret party while they sip drinks at a beach resort. The scene then cuts to the in-store environment where a Source employee outlines various smart home devices such as thermostats, locks and lights.

Smart home tech is one of a handful of product focus areas for the retailer this year.

After dedicating media spend to its first focus – audio equipment – earlier in 2017, Ron Craig, The Source’s VP of marketing, operations, real estate and business development, says this new work is designed to position the retailer as a one-stop-shop for smart homewares as it grows in popularity with Canadians. (Craig would not disclose what other focus areas the company is looking at between now and the December holidays.)

“We’re trying to redefine what people come to us for,” Craig told strategy. “People used to come to us for accessories and batteries… Connected home [products] fit us perfectly. It lends itself to a service experience and interaction, and that’s what we’re all about.”

Craig says while smart home wares still account for a relatively small portion of sales, those sales grew 100% year-over-year. As a result, The Source is dedicating more display space for it.

“Consumers are a little intimidated by it,” Craig says. “They don’t know what it involves or if they need to hire someone to install it,” giving The Source the opportunity to be seen as experts. And the fact that much of the smart home experience ties to users’ mobile phones is yet more potential for the retailer, for which mobile is another big category (The Source is owned by Bell).

The national English-language campaign includes broadcast, social media and online components.