2017 Strategy Awards: Take Note pens a digital love story

The Toronto store reminded people of the power of notes through a handwritten tale of love.


Silver: Creative Catalyst
Bronze: Challenger Strategy

Handwriting has been on the wane for many years. A 2013 study of 2,000 adults found that one-third hadn’t handwritten a note in six months. Toronto store Take Note wanted that to change. It teamed up with agency BBDO to show that, in the age of digital-everything, a handwritten note is powerful and stands out.

The team recognized the thoughtfulness behind handwritten notes and the value placed on them. People keep old yearbooks signed by friends they grew up with, while shoeboxes holding family letters and postcards are often handed down through the generations.

To rekindle the magic of a handwritten note, Take Note wanted to understand the cultural insights that could give the note added meaning and relevance today. With people leading busy lives and technology making it easier to stay in contact, there’s a greater appreciation for the effort it takes to handwrite a personal note, as it conveys emotional depth and connection.

This led to BBDO creating a four-minute modern-day love story, told solely through handwritten notes that chronicled the joys and challenges of a couple’s life together.

The brand released the online film in time for Valentine’s Day, taking advantage of the romantic day to drive both PR coverage and organic reach. The video was released on

Take Note’s Facebook page and YouTube, generating significant coverage without any paid media support. Coverage included 77 articles and news reports in local and international media. The video generated more than 50,000 views and since launching the film, Take Note sales have been tracking 30% above the previous year.

Brand | Take Note
Agency | BBDO
SVP, director of account planning | Ed Caffyn