Tech in Action: Neutrogena gets under your skin

The skincare brand gives your mobile device the ability to scan your skin and offer personalized advice.

Neutrogena is set to launch an app that lets users perform deep scans of their skin from the comfort of their home.

The Skin360 app will take a close-up photo of your skin, examining pores, fine lines, wrinkles and moisture levels. It will not only provide a close-up photo of its examination, but give you a score out of 100, allowing you to track your skin’s health over time, the progress of any issues it has identified and make comparisons to other users in your age range.

Unfortunately, the camera on your phone doesn’t quite offer dermatologist-level detail in its photos, so you’ll have to buy the $50 SkinScanner when it launches this summer. The attachment has 12 high-powered LED lights, a 30x magnification lens and multiple sensors, clipping on to the top of your mobile device to give its camera the extra strength it needs to get an accurate scan.

Based on scan results, the app will also offer personalized recommendations for Neutrogena products as well as skin care tips best suited to a user’s particular needs.