CASSIES Bronze: Koodo tackles phone bill shock

Camp Jefferson's "Shock-Free Data" campaign helped launch a service that allows customers to put a pause on their data.

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This article appears in the March 2018 issue of strategy.

+ Bronze: Launch of New Product/Service

In 2016, 46% of Canadians had to pay extra fees for exceeding their monthly mobile data plans. Budget-conscious millennials want more certainty when it comes to phone bill charges, so Koodo developed a feature that allows customers to pause their data.

Working with Camp Jefferson, the brand created the “Shock-Free Data” campaign, targeting those fed up with data overages and convincing them to switch to Koodo. The creative planted seeds of doubt about their current carrier’s ability to protect them, positioning Koodo as a fair and more transparent alternative.

Launched in August 2016 with a $4 million budget, the TV and print campaign recreated iconic moments in horror films where unsuspecting victims are blissfully unaware of their impending doom, replacing the bloodthirsty killer with a harmless Shock-Free Data bill from Koodo.


Over the 11-month campaign, Shock-Free Data achieved a 74% increase in new customers versus the year prior. Koodo also tracked the highest association for “transparency in pricing” (22 points more than the market leader).