Tech in Action: Take a (non)break from bad weather

Spies Travel helped travelers appreciate their vacation destination by simulating the cold and rain back home.

When people from Denmark go on vacation, many do so to escape the country’s crummy weather – something most Canadians can relate to.

According to travel agency Spies Travel, 47% of Danish travelers say they actually enjoy their vacation more if they know for a fact that the weather at home is particularly awful.

So, Spies worked with Denmark-based ad agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded to set up a booth on a tropical beach. Using a tablet, tourists could pick which Denmark town they’ve left to go on vacation. They then step inside the booth, which recreates the weather conditions their town is experiencing at any given time. The booth uses a mix of weather data and special effects to simulate the current weather conditions, from temperature and precipitation to wind and fog.