Interac shows all the different ways to tap

The national campaign uses convenience and its anti-debt positioning to get women to switch to Flash.

Interac Flash

The latest in Interac’s “Own Your World” platform continues to push cash-carrying consumers to make the switch to tapping their cards this spring.

Created by Zulu Alpha Kilo, the new campaign turns its attention to women to show them how the company’s contactless payment option, Interac Flash, can simplify the way their everyday purchases are made.

The mass national campaign includes 15-second TV and six-and 15-second YouTube ads that show women paying for a manicure with wet nails, while holding family-sized package of toilet paper or quickly tapping after a workout.

Additional campaign elements include national OOH billboards, transit shelter ads, digital ads, social videos and as pre-film advertising at Cineplex theatres, with each featuring the tagline “All your money in one card” to emphasize the fact that tapping to pay with Flash is a convenient way to access a customer’s actual money (as opposed to credit). Media Experts handled media on the campaign.

The burden of carrying cash has previously been a part of the messaging in Interac’s “Be in the Black” platform. However, Andrea Danovitch, Interac’s AVP of marketing and brand, says this campaign intends to speak to consumers who split their purchases between cash and debit, but haven’t made the full switch to tapping with Interac Flash.

Interac’s approach to promoting Flash contactless payments has been using insights to narrow in on different target demographics and their specific comfort level with the growing number of payment options available. The brand has targeted other demographics in the past, such as millennials who are exploring payments with phones and mobile wallets.

Women are the target this time around.  Danovitch says the latest campaign aims to reach females between the ages of 45 and 50. It’s a customer that is comfortable using debit cards with a chip insert and pin, but for a variety of reasons – such as being cautious about engaging with new technology – hasn’t taken that next step to tapping with her card, but may be looking for ways to simplify their daily routine.

Interac is primarily competing with contactless credit cards for its Flash payment options, but – going back to its “Be In The Black” positioning – is speaking to a target that prefers using their own money instead of credit.

“The goal is to differentiate by saying, ‘you’re still using your own money,’ because that’s obviously what they want,” Danovitch says. “They see the value in using their own money. And that’s where we’re really differentiating from the credit competition.”