Tech in Action: Building a burger on Instagram

Burger King used polls in its stories on the social platform to create and deliver coupons for customized meals.

Stories on Instagram and Snapchat – photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours – are currently among the platforms’ most popular features, and both companies have been rolling out new ways for brands to advertise in that format. But, as Burger King Spain recently found out, sometimes using the same features available to everyone else can still be very rewarding.

The QSR recently uploaded a series of polls to its own Instagram Story, each one asking followers to choose from a different customization option on their burger, from how many beef patties they’d like to whether or not they wanted ketchup. Their choices were saved, and once they got through all the posts, a unique coupon was generated and sent to them via direct message.

According to a case study video from agency LOLA MullenLowe, the execution – which was done without paid media spend – generated 30,000 custom burgers and 270,000 interactions in the 24 hours the polls were live. Burger King then used the data from the responses to determine the most popular choices overall and create the “Insta Whopper,” which was made available as a limited-time product at its restaurants.

This isn’t the first time LOLA MullenLowe has led a tech-forward way for to get a Burger King order into the hands of consumers. A year ago, it promoted its delivery service by enlisting pro video game players to enter public matches online and take orders from other players as they helped them accomplish their goals and progress in the game.