Adbank picks 1Milk2Sugars for PR

The boutique agency gets the North American assignment for the advertising-focused cryptocurrency.

Adbank has selected Toronto’s 1Milk2Sugars as its North American PR agency of record as it begins efforts to get the advertising and marketing industry to take notice of its blockchain-powered platform.

Adbank is a cryptocurrency specifically meant for the advertising industry. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were created to be decentralized and fully transparent, and like other cryptocurrencies, Adbank operates using blockchain technology, which has already been looked to as one possible way to address issues like ad fraud. But instead of simply using a blockchain ledger to track transactions and ensure transparency, Adbank – which is currently in beta – aims to also be a currency that advertisers and marketers use to conduct those transactions.

Selected following an RFP, 1Milk2Sugars’ assignment will include targeted media relations, thought leadership tactics and strategic partnerships to help drive Adbank’s business and get brands and advertisers to adopt the platform.

Based in Toronto, 1Milk2Sugars’ client roster has typically been composed of lifestyle, fashion, food and cosmetics brands. Adbank is the boutique agency’s first tech client.

Kelsey Cole, Adbank’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, said in a release that there were numerous tech-focused PR agencies involved in the RFP process, but went with 1Milk2Sugars because of its track record and “disruptive approach.” The fact that the agency also works with the kinds of brands and advertisers Adbank wants to be active on its platform was also a deciding factor.

“As a tech company, this pairing may seem like a surprise to some, but the decision was strategic and purposeful,” Cole said. “1Milk2Sugars already works with several major advertisers and the kind of clients we want to work with, so they get our target market better than any tech agency could. Blockchain adoption is a major PR story right now, so we needed real pros with serious chops to help us get ink, ink we don’t want to share with other blockchain startups that fight for coverage at the few agencies that do specialize in this space.”