Check it out: Coors Light pays tribute to the Expos

The Molson Coors brand releases cans with the former team's logo and a campaign celebrating a classic home run call.

It’s not uncommon for beer brands to emblazon their cans and bottles with the logos of sports teams once the season has gotten into full swing.

But this year is the first that Coors Light has been the official beer of Major League Baseball in Canada, and so the Molson Coors brand has also released cans commemorating the Montreal Expos. Despite not playing a game since 2004, the team remains beloved by the city it once called home, and a new campaign is promoting the arrival of Expos cans into Montreal’s corner stores with a bit of nostalgia.

The first video shows a (seemingly) quiet depanneur clerk wearing an Expos cap burst to life when real customers come through and pick up a case of Coors Light containing one of the Expos cans, mimicking the classic home run call from the team’s former broadcaster Rodger Brulotte: “Bonsoir, elle est partie!” (“Goodnight, she is gone!”).

In a second video, the clerk is about to spring to life again, but stops when he sees that Brulotte himself is the one buying a case. The broadcaster then gives the clerk a few pointers on how to make the call the best it can be.

Both spots, created by Rethink, end with a tagline stating the Expos have returned, albeit to local depanneurs.

Molson Coors has gotten into the habit this year of connecting corner stores to things Montrealers hold near and dear. Earlier this year, the company worked with Sid Lee on a campaign for the company’s Molson Export beer – a brand long associated with and beloved by the province of Quebec – that saw a handful of depanneurs get a makeover to commemorate the return of the vintage “stubby bottle.”