Maricann launches Kiwi Cannabis

The licensed producer's first recreational brand is the latest to take a simplified approach to its product lineup.
Maricann Group Inc--Maricann Launches Kiwi - Simplifying Cannabi

Burlington-based licensed cannabis producer Maricann has unveiled Kiwi Cannabis, its first brand targeted to the recreational market.

Available to consumers following legalization on Oct. 17, Kiwi is designed to strip away the jargon from cannabis products, opting to sell four variants of dried flower products with names inspired by New Zealand, instead of organizing them by strain, or their THC and CBD content. The products are White Feather (which has a higher CBD content), Hawke’s Bay (balanced between CBD and THC), Nelson’s Blue (medium THC content) and Flightless Bird (medium-to-high THC).

The brand has also launched an online platform, which contains product information as well as a broader database of answers to frequently asked questions about the cannabis category.

“At its core, Kiwi is a celebration of the simple pleasures, and that starts with simple, straightforward communications,” said Maricann’s VP of sales and marketing Geoff Kosar, who joined the company earlier this year after a long tenure on the marketing team at Diageo, including one year as head of marketing for Canada.

Helping Canadians navigate through what could be an intimidating amount of technical information has been a priority for brands leading up to cannabis legalization. They are taking this approach for both consumers who are not experienced with cannabis, as well as those who may have previously utilized the illicit market and don’t have a point of reference for what they might be interested in buying from legal producers.

While some brands have turned to building online platforms that attempt to educate consumers, others have taken a similar approach to Kiwi and have baked that education directly into their design and branding, offering a simplified range of products or ones organized by the feeling a consumer is looking to achieve, instead of by strain or THC levels.

Kiwi is the first from Maricann’s “house of brands,” which has also emerged as a popular approach for producers previously based in the medical market looking to create brands for different and new consumer segments.