OOH’s new bar

How media companies are investing in tech and embracing new metrics.


The experts are saying out-of-home media spending will be higher this year than last year. And higher again in 2019. In its latest mid-year media forecast, global agency network Group M projected 2.1% OOH growth in Canada for the current calendar year, and another 2.9% bump in 2019.

But as spending inches upward, so too do client expectations.

Technology has unalterably changed the so-called “oldest medium in the world.” It’s taking what we might have once called a staid industry into incredibly competitive territory. OOH companies are investing in tech, converting inventory and embracing new metrics in a bid to stay relevant.

The industry as a whole recognized this and formed the Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau (COMMB) in March (by merging the Out Of Home Marketing Association of Canada and the Canadian Out of Home Measurement Bureau). One of its key mandates is the creation of more robust metrics that compete with what the online world offers. That means real-time customizable and verifiable audience data for every billboard, poster and bus shelter display.

So the business of selling OOH is no longer just about location, location, location. It’s about what you can do to engage consumers in those locations, and what you can tell advertisers about those the eyeballs they seek. The requires big change from OOH players.

The evolution strategy at Astral and Newad typify the push to deliver better experiences, and illustrate the opportunities to realize better insights and better results by investing in innovation.

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