PC Financial banks on its rewards

After getting high marks from J.D. Power, the brand is taking advantage of the positive chatter with its first social-led campaign.
PC Financial

Beating American Express and Capital One, as well as every one of Canada’s Big Five banks, PC Financial was given the highest customer satisfaction rating for a credit card by J.D. Power this month. An impressive feat, and one that the bank’s director of digital marketing David Hersh believes is a direct result of its rewards program that helps “make every day more rewarding” (as per its tagline).

So naturally, the brand decided to capitalize on the heightened interest by creating its first social-first campaign and focusing on the “rewarding” experience that led Canadians to rank the company high on the list.

PC Financial first published its new YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter-housed spot on Monday. But in the coming weeks, says Hersh, the brand plans to extend the social spot’s messaging around “taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary and rewarding” across TV and digital platforms.

The spot, created by Sid Lee, taps into the age-old school tradition of “picture day.” Every Canadian family has gone through the emotions, both positive and negative, around the annual event.

“Some kids dread it, some consider it mundane and ordinary. We really wanted to take that concept of everyday and ordinary and show how much more rewarding it can be,” says Hersh of the spot that shows kids first being questioned around what they want to do/be when they grow up, and then having their career aspirations brought to life in an elaborate shoot, with props, wardrobe, lighting and all.

Promoting the PC Financial Mastercard suite of cards has become especially important for the company, as it is now its sole remaining financial product after its deal with CIBC to offer other banking services ended last year.

While it’s not the first time the financial brand has spoken with Canadian families, it is the first time it has gone direct-to-social, and done so outside of key seasonal periods, when it traditionally turns to a combination of TV and digital ad buys to promote its products. Being named to J.D. Power’s list motivated PC Financial to be a little more active on the marketing front and drum up more talk value. However, the brand’s messaging will go deeper in time, says Hersh.

“This campaign is really a lead-in to some more promotional efforts that you’ll see from PC Financial in the coming weeks that talk more to the product benefits and reasons why PC Financial Mastercard is a great product for Canadian families,” he adds. “So this sort of primes that campaign for further efforts where we talk about how PC Financial takes the everyday to more rewarding places.”