Lyft says ‘yep’ to freedom

A new brand campaign focuses on the liberation that comes with using the ride-hailing app.

Lyft has launched its 2019 brand campaign, putting the focus on the freedom that comes with using the service instead of driving yourself.

In the first spot, a man stuck in traffic decides to say “nope” to the pitfalls of driving as he reverses all the way home, where he gets picked up by a Lyft. There, he is finally able to say “yep,” not just when the driver confirms that it’s him she is picking up (a familiar situation to anyone who has used a ride-sharing service before) but to things like enjoying music in the back seat and getting to responsibly relax with a few extra drinks after work.

The second spot also plays on the “yep” that comes at the beginning of every Lyft ride, but instead gives viewers a bunch of new ways to say “yes,” rattling off a list of examples from people like truckers, goths, fishermen and explorers.

Both spots, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York and directed by Tom Kuntz, went live on digital and social platforms today (the anniversary of the ride-sharing service’s arrival in Canada), and will be airing in broadcast beginning Jan. 1. Media buying is being handled by Spark Foundry.

Lyft launched in Toronto last year, its first city served in Canada, and has since expanded to Ottawa, Mississauga and Hamilton, as well as other towns in the Greater Toronto Area. In the spring, the brand launched its first out-of-home campaign in Toronto, taking its inclusive and friendly message and adapting it with local references.

Focusing on “freedom” adds more of functional side to Lyft’s positive brand image, which has previously been built through a focus on diversity and treating both riders and drivers fairly.