Check it out: Farnham’s stages of bitterness

New ads for the Quebec microbrewery show that bitterness comes with age.

Quebec microbrewery Farnham Ale & Lager continues to embrace its bitter personality.

New print and digital executions by Lg2 brings the brand’s “A bit bitter” positioning, already an award-winner, back to the fore in similar fashion as past campaigns.

The ads show three examples of ordinary people who, overtime, become embittered by the hands life has dealt them: there’s the boy whose love for a girl goes unrequited (with time, a box of chocolates he intends to give her turns to a box of tissues), the young woman who grows old wanting a baby (and finds herself holding a cat instead), and the boy who has long eyed a coveted soccer trophee, only to become what appears to be a middle-aged salesman.

The idea is a simple one Farnham and Lg2 have leveraged in the past, though through different creative approaches. Previous ads have portrayed the beer company’s slightly bitter product offering as resulting from a distillation process involving several cheerful soccer fans, and one very angry one. Others have utilized geometric shapes to capture characters’ reactions to unpleasant discoveries, while incorporating a can’s opening and tab as facial expressions into the design. Similar to the latest ads, whose message is conveyed through a series of steps, other Lg2 print executions have aimed to show the range of Farnham’s brews, from “lightly to very bitter.”

The concept has even been translated to radio. Last year’s “TV Reality” and “Football” radio spots portrayed a narrator taken great pleasure in the misfortunes of celebrities.

Farnham Bitter-Secret Love

Farnham Bitter-Golden Ball

Farnham Bitter-Baby