Cannvas to add AR to its kiosks

Partnering with NexTech, the cannabis tech company looks to add more features to its in-retail education platform.

The Cannvas Kiosk as it appears on the company’s website.

Cannabis technology company Cannvas has announced a partnership with NexTech AR Solutions to bring augmented reality features to its network of in-retail kiosks.

NexTech offers a variety of AR-related features in numerous platforms, such as e-commerce, live streaming and e-learning, and has previously worked with brands such as New Balance, Trellis and ParcelPal. With Cannvas, it will be adding AR elements to its Kiosks, platforms made for clinics and retail environments to help consumers and patients find information about the benefits of both medical and adult-use cannabis.

Steve Loutskou, chief operating officer, global markets at Cannvas, claimed in a press release that “companies who personalize the user experience through AR enjoy an improvement in their customer relations and overall profitability,” adding that the company’s goal is to take its Cannvas Kiosks “to the next level.” Shawn Moniz, Cannvas’ CEO, said NextTech’s solutions would also help “strengthen the impression our Cannvas Kiosk leaves on cannabis-curious users” across Canada.

A separate press release from NexTech singled out 3D product demos and bringing experts in as “AR holograms” as potential ways the technology could be used to enhance the educational experience provided by the kiosks. The two companies also plan to collaborate on data collection to analyze consumer behaviour patterns at Cannvas Kiosks, using it to optimize user experiences with platforms. Both companies will also explore the potential to form a joint service offering through the kiosks or “an otherwise undiscovered opportunity.”

Cannvas first announced its plans to roll out its kiosks coast-to-coast in October. The kiosks are powered by Cannvas.Me, an interactive digital platform powered by physician-backed research to educate consumers about cannabis.