Volkswagen sticks to the facts about costs

The automaker brings a quirkiness to warranties and car servicing in a new campaign that shows the long-term benefits of its cars.

Volkswagen Canada has launched a new campaign, using cold hard facts to show car shoppers that the cost of one of its vehicles is actually lower in the long run.

In a series of online videos, the automaker’s chief fact officer, Justin Facts, plainly and simply states facts about things like Volkswagen’s warranty offering and the time recommended in between regular vehicle servicing. To keep them from being too dry, the spokesman uses a range of methods to illustrate how the facts about Volkswagen compare to its competitors.

Virginie Ludmer, marketing manager at Volkswagen Canada, says that the perceived cost of a Volkswagen is one of the biggest barriers to purchase among Canadian auto buyers. However, Volkswagen also offers warranties that last longer than the industry average and have extended intervals between servicing. The automaker also recently launched prepaid maintenance plans, all of which result in more savings in the long run.

Those long-term savings are the key message behind the campaign, and to further that message, Volkswagen has added a dedicated section on its website to address what Ludmer refers to as “misinformation” about the cost of owning one of its vehicles. That includes a cost tool that allows would-be buyers to compare the predicted maintenance costs of the latest Volkswagen models against cars from other brands, based on how much they expect to drive it, using data provided by third-party automotive database Vincentric.

Justin Facts first debuted late last year in ads on radio and Spotify. The new videos are bringing both the spokesperson and the message to online and social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pre-roll and mastheads. The campaign was handled by DDB’s Toronto office, with TrackDDB handling CRM elements and Touche! on media. DDB Montreal is also handling a version of the campaign currently rolling out in Quebec and featuring Vicki, a spokesperson for the brand created by the agency last year.

The campaign is the latest work by DBB for the automaker as it transitions its work to a consortium of WPP agencies. Over the holiday season, a “Volksgiving” campaign aimed to show appreciation for current Volkswagen owners with personalized experiences when they brought their vehicle in for service, as well as interactive out-of-home in Toronto and Montreal showing off its all-wheel drive system.