Aurora promotes ‘dried flowers’ this Valentine’s Day

The first in-store promotion for the AltaVie brand aims to give couples the chance to explore cannabis intimacy.

AltaVie Valentine's Card

Licensed producer Aurora is running its first in-store promotion for its AltaVie cannabis brand by encouraging customers to consider a different kind of flower for a Valentine’s Day gift.

The program will run in select cannabis retailers in Alberta, which currently has the most private cannabis stores at roughly 65. Regulations around cannabis marketing state that point-of-sale is one of the few places ads are allowed to appear. The company was not able to be more specific about which stores it would be running in.

The campaign itself is based around a play on words that implores shoppers to get “dried flowers” for their significant other this year. Participating stores will have classic Valentine’s Day cards for customers to give to a crush or loved one, featuring a photo of a bouquet with dried cannabis buds among the flowers more typically associated with the holiday. The campaign also includes in-store signage and a profile sheet (pictured below), which lists pairings with things like romantic dinners and a “stimulating” effect under the typical characteristics found in strain descriptions, such as cannabanoid levels, aroma and taste profile.

AltaVie Strain Card

AltaVie was launched by MedReleaf – which was purchased by Aurora last year – as a brand in its portfolio that could appeal to those unfamiliar with cannabis culture, but were curious about trying it, especially when it came to the purported wellness benefits.

While Aurora and AltaVie are not making any specific claims in the campaign, Darren Karasiuk, global EVP of adult use at Aurora Cannabis, said consumer interest in how cannabis could potentially help with intimacy was why it chose Valentine’s Day for its first in-store promotion.

Aurora worked with agencies Grip and Zeno Group on the campaign.

Valentine's Day