Peoples Jewellers puts love on display

A Valentine's Day stunt turned one of Canada's biggest billboards into a platform for couples.

Peoples Jewellers has been in the habit of handing big platforms over to Canadians to express their love lately, and this Valentine’s Day it put their feelings on one of Canada’s longest digital billboard in one of Toronto’s busiest intersections.

Peoples selected four Canadians to write short messages to someone they love. The couples were then brought down to Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square, where the message was displayed on the 188-foot long digital board on the square’s southeast side. Over 146,000 people pass through the square on a daily basis.

The messages were on display throughout the day, which was the 100th Valentine’s Day that Peoples has celebrated, having opened its first store in Toronto in 1919. Peoples worked with Toronto agency Juliet on the execution.

The stunt is a continuation of Peoples’ new “Love Is Worth It” platform, launched last fall, which has put more emphasis on the emotions and relationships associated with its jewelry, instead of the diamonds inside it. Part of that approach has included working with Juliet on other large-scale stunts that bring attention to loving relationships: in November, Peoples used a commercial slot during a Toronto Maple Leafs game to help a fan propose to his girlfriend in front of the 737,000 people watching the broadcast.