Would you trade two hours for a trip to the Yukon?

Tourism Yukon and Air Yukon have partnered on a contest to shift perceptions about how easy it is to get to the territory.

A new effort from Tourism Yukon is looking to get people in British Columbia to reconsider how easy it is to pull off a trip to the territory, based on the fact that it only takes two hours to fly from Vancouver to Whitehorse.

Tourism Yukon has partnered with Air Yukon on “The Two-Hour Trade-In Contest,” which is giving British Columbia residents the option to trade one two-hour activity or service in exchange for a free flight to the Yukon.

Entrants post their trade offer on social media, which will also appear on the contest page for public voting. Some submissions on the site include two hours of pest control services, waiting in line on someone’s behalf and opening weekend tickets for Captain Marvel.

Besides submissions, Tourism Yukon offered other ways for people to give their time in exchange for a trip. On the second day of the contest, it ran a two-hour-long pre-roll video of facts about the Yukon. The video was skippable, but the first person to sit through it in its entirety won free tickets.

Social and digital ads driving to the contest page reference things that take two hours and are highly recognizable to residents of B.C. (such as waiting in traffic on the Sea to Sky highway or taking the ferry to the island) and aims to position a trip to the territory as an easy “weekend escape” option.

Benjamin Ryan, chief commercial officer with Air North, says the campaign is about shifting perceptions about traveling to the Yukon – which, being part of “the North,” seems far away to many Canadians, regardless of the actual travel time – from British Columbia.

The contest, which runs until Sunday, has already generated 20,000 visits to the website, 91% of which were from people who had never visited a Tourism Yukon site before.

Tourism Yukon worked with Cossette on the campaign, with Jungle handling media and The Colony Project handling PR.