AToMiC 2019: Cannabis 101

Central Station and Cossette schooled Canadians on pot.

grassrootsYou are reading a deep dive into the insight and ideas that propelled the winners of the 2019 AToMiC Awards to success. For the full list of winners, visit the AToMiC website, and be sure to check back for more deep dives into this year’s award-winning work.

This article appears in the March/April 2019 issue of strategy.

The Win: Central Station’s “Grass Roots” by Central Station
Bronze Cannabis Branding
When recreational marijuana became legal in Canada last fall, two pot brands strategically, ahem, cleared the air about cannabis as a way to stand out in a crowded space. Central Station’s “Grass Roots” introduction kit served to mellow out first-time smokers’ anxieties about the popular pastime. The kit explained the difference between strains and educated users on accessories.
HiThe Win: Canopy Growth / Tweed’s “Hi.” by Cossette
Silver Cannabis Branding
And when Canopy Growth introduced its Tweed brand to Canadians before legalization, it too opted for an educational approach, working with Cossette to create the “Hi.” campaign. Due to strict advertising rules, the team got creative by producing searchable educational content that was placed on a dedicated website. The campaigns sparked interest for both burgeoning brands aiming to compete in the still-evolving industry.