GoRVing brings a piece of the outdoors to convention centres

An experiential installation asks people to get their heads into the RV mindset, literally.


With camping season just around the corner, GoRVing Canada is taking an experiential approach to getting consumers’ heads into the RV mindset.

The group, which represents RV manufacturers and retailers, will be mounting an ambient installation at various consumer and outdoor shows over the coming weeks, adding a new dimension to its past “Wilhood” campaign executions. Although GoRVing Canada has dabbled in experiential before, this year’s effort – cheekily dubbed “Head into Wildhood” – is more immersive, according to president Chris Mahony.

Wildhood2“Head into Wildhood” allows people to put their heads into a clear terrarium filled with living plants and is designed to be an authentic representation of nature. The idea is to offer a mini outdoor-inspired oasis amid the “typically sterile convention centre environment” most often used for consumer trade shows.

Created by AOR Doug & Partners, the installation was designed to be social media friendly, providing an opportunity for participants to share photos of their experiences on Facebook and Instagram. The agency has created a video summarizing the strategy.

GoRVing will be taking the installation to six shows across the country, including outdoors, sportsmen’s and RV shows, but will also be making appearances at a pet show and a craft beer festival. The goal is to capture prospects through “like-minded” markets, Mahony says. For example, he recalls that around 60% of pet owners happen to have an RV, making attending pet-related events a good fit strategically.

“It’s effective for us, because the RV lifestyle is all about being in it,” says Mahony, noting the added benefit of an experiential approach. “It’s about experiencing it – literally.”

Mahony says the “Wildhood” platform, which launched in 2015, will be refreshed come 2021. For now, Go RVing continues to run last year’s “Bring Back Wildhood” ads in cinemas, on TV and on digital channels (through June), with digital accounting for roughly 50% of the spend. New 15- and 16-second spots were created this year for the channel, in addition to ongoing influencer activities.