Juicy Fruit remixes its classic jingle

The gum brand is looking to make "an ear worm" more relevant to Gen Z and bring them into the fold.

Juicy Fruit’s old jingle “moved” previous generations with “a taste that gets right through ya,” but now the brand will be singing from a more modern songbook.

In an effort launched today, Mars Wrigley is revamping its jingle in a way that appeals to a spectrum of musical sensibilities, releasing jingles in country, R&B, pop and hip-hop genres for Canadians to vote on. The jingles are available on a campaign microsite, as well as on Spotify from today until May 25. The brand is using the hashtags #TasteIsGonnaMoveYa and #JuicyFruitJingle on Facebook and Twitter to drive engagement and votes, with the winning jingle announced on May 27. Agency of record DDB worked on the campaign.

The original jingle, which came out in 1986, had been a fixture of Juicy Fruit’s TV spots and found a presence in wider pop culture.

“We know that the jingle has resonated with Canadians in the past,” says Jaclyn Sutton, head of marketing and strategy at Mars Wrigley Canada, who tells strategy that the tune is central to the Juicy Fruit brand. “We wanted to make something that was cool before, cool again in the era of #TBT (Throwback Thursday) and #whatsoldisnew.

Sutton says that Mars Wrigley re-ran the jingle in campaigns in 2014, and “it’s had great success every time we’ve brought it back.” Sutton says the brand is looking to increase penetration with a message “that’s cool and playful” in order to bring Gen Z into the fold, and doesn’t see why the classic ear worm wouldn’t continue to resonate with a new generation, albeit with with new versions and updated styles.

According to Euromonitor’s 2018 “Gum in Canada” report, sales of the gum have been declining for years and “2018 witnessed continuation of the trend.” One of the reasons cited is lack of category uniqueness. However, amid the declining market, Mars Wrigley has managed to maintain its market share in Canada, according to the report.