Happy Planet puts on a smiling face

The juice and smoothie brand touts both the health and social benefits of ethically sourced "superfoods."

Can “a little act of happy bring us together?” Happy Planet, the juice and smoothie division of plant-based dairy alternative company Earth’s Own, is trying to prove that it does in a digital campaign focusing on the good that comes from supporting ethically sourced “superfoods.”

The “Happy Effect” campaign features animated fruits, including a banana befriending an apple, as well as dancing plants and farm implements, all of which tout the benefits of spreading happiness. The video ends with a suggestion to read more about the “the power of a purchase” on the brands website, which details the importance of farm-to-table initiatives, women’s farming in West Africa and how these sustainable practices underlie Happy Planet’s business ethos.

The brand is launching an accompanying “Happy Effect” contest as well. This gives users a chance to win a trip to Mali, which will include participating in a celebration of female farmers and the harvest of baobab, a tree found in sub-Saharan Africa, which has fruit that is a common smoothie ingredient and is found in Happy Planet’s Extreme C smoothie. Entrants can submit a code found on most Happy Planet smoothies available nationwide to the company’s website.

According to Kyle Marancos, director of marketing for Happy Planet, the brand has never done a giveaway like this. He says the contest draws more direct attention to the company’s guiding principle to “create a happy planet” by doing good abroad, through its partnership with Farafena, Happy Planet’s social enterprise food partner, with whom the brand first partnered in 2018 to bring the sustainable “superfood” moringa to Canada. Farafena partners with more than 800 women farmers in nine villages in Africa, and assists them with starting up microbusinesses and educating children.

Marancos says this campaign is geared to the younger, enviro-conscious consumers often referred to as “aspirationals.” He tells strategy the animation in the lighthearted campaign is a great way to tell the brand’s story, having previously used animation and illustration as part of its visual language.

The campaign assets were developed by agency Will. Digital and video assets will be in market for a number of weeks, with promotional packaging for the contest in market until it contest closes on October 31.