The Keg sells prime rib-themed greeting cards

The restaurant sold and sent cards for National Prime Rib Day to remind Canadians where to celebrate the event.

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From graduations and birthdays to anniversaries and promotions, The Keg has hosted its fair share of celebrations over the years. But there is one “holiday” it is perhaps best-suited to host than any other.

In the days leading up to National Prime Rib Day on April 27, greeting cards celebrating the occasion began to appear among the other cards at Blue Banana, a gift store in Toronto’s Kensington Market. The cards features lines like  “Let’s Celebrate This Rare Occasion” and “Nothing Says National Prime Rib Day Like Prime Rib,” with the inside of the cards encouraging recipients to “celebrate it together” with The Keg.

While many restaurants serve prime rib, the cards are an attempt to remind Canadians “that no one knows” the premium cut of meat better than The Keg, according to a press release, which the restaurateur says is something worthy of celebration.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 8.32.34 AMIn addition to appearing in retail, the cards were also sent to people who posted about prime rib on social media. The Keg also featured the cards in posts on its own social channels (pictured, left), sending them to people who were tagged by friends in the post’s comments.

The campaign was led by Rethink, which was selected as The Keg’s new creative agency partner earlier this year.