Heinz Ketchup asks diners to ‘eat responsibly’

To kick off the important barbecue season, the brand pays homage to another bottle typically associated with summer.

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Beer and ketchup go well together – maybe not as ingredients in the latest product mashup, but on the table for a summer barbecue.

That’s the connection Kraft Heinz tapped into with a recent social execution, where it mimicked Corona’s iconic lime wedge with a photo of a French fry lodged in a bottle of its Heinz ketchup. At the bottom of the ad, the playful line “Eat Responsibly” references the “Drink Responsibly” caution that would appear on a beer ad.

The creative launched leading up to the Victoria Day long weekend. According to Nina Patel, head of brand build and innovation with Kraft Heinz, “beer usually gets the glory [during the summer], but patios would not be the same without Heinz.” She tells strategy that a social conversation with Corona – which placed the two bottles side-by-side and asked “who wore it better” – was not pre-planned, but happened organically.

“We always approach social in a way that supports the brands’ charm and clever sense of humour, and we hoped Corona see it that way too,” Patel says. “After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

She says the brand’s aim is to deliver more contextually relevant and timely content that adds value to a consumer’s feed and “not just be another ad,” and this is a strategy that the brand will continue to explore going forward.

When it comes to timing, she says summer and barbecue season is a critical time for condiment consumption and Heinz has historically been associated with Canadiana, like cottages, patios and family get-togethers, “so it’s important we continue to own that period.”

According to the release, consumers can expect to continue to see Eat Responsibly in social and “potentially in bars and restaurants throughout the summer.” The campaign was developed with agency Rethink.