SingleCut Beersmiths turns labels into music trivia

The New York-based brewery's packaging for its Big in Japan IPA label celebrates western tunes that made it big in Japan.


Beer and rock music go hand-in-hand, so a campaign that turns a beer label into music trivia is the kind of thing SingleCut Beersmiths hopes will resonate with beer drinkers across continents.

To promote the launch of its new Big In Japan IPA, the New York-based “rock-themed brewer” is highlighting four classic rock songs from the west that have “made it big” in Japan by turning  its packaging into a game of “name that tune.”

Four unique labels were created for the label that incorporate visual clues from the popular songs’ titles and lyrics, arranged into artfully designed QR codes. The songs can be revealed on Spotify by scanning the codes.

“Japan’s highly creative gaming culture has been exported around the globe for decades,” noted Rich Buceta, founder of SingleCut Beersmiths, in a release. “We loved the idea of turning our product into a music trivia game with QR codes, knowing how wildly popular they are in Japan.”

Agency Zulu Alpha Kilo led all elements of the campaign, from package design to digital content. While the beer label is also being promoted in Tokyo, North American audiences in Toronto and New York are being targeted through Instagram Stories that adapt the QR code labels for the social platform.

It’s the second project the Toronto-based agency has led for SingleCut. Last year, Zulu created a campaign for the brand’s newly launched Remember label.