Iogo goes beyond animation

The yogurt brand takes multiple approaches to both explain and humanize functional elements of its products.

Iögo is hoping to humanize its brand and talk about functional aspects in a playful way by combining a new live action approach with the playful animations consumers will recognize.

The yogurt brand’s new campaign features live action spots under the new “It’s All Good” tagline. In one, a politician in a scrum repeats clichés about the “bottom line,” and it segues into a fruit-bottom yogurt discussion. In another, a clown goes to work without makeup, “au natural,” to emphasize the product’s natural ingredients. The ads end with an animation, in which the umlauts on Iögo’s name double as eyes, as the letter “o” morphs into a mouth to personify the brand as it talks about the functional elements of the yogurt.

At the same time as the new live-action TV spots, the brand is also running a series of shorter animated ads that exclusively use the personified logo, discussing things like sugar content or the fact that it is made with Canadian milk.

“Using both live action and animation allows us flexibility,” says Jennifer Beauchamp, marketing director at Iögo parent company Agropur. She tells strategy that it wanted to continue highlighting the eye-catching umlaut, a feature of Iögo’s messaging since 2016, but to also answer the question, “how can we have a playful approach to talking about the functionality of our products?”

The brand has previously relied heavily on animation, but felt the live action spots these would be a natural evolution and expand on storytelling as a means to explain new product lines and to humanize the brand.

Beauchamp says what all the ads have in common is that they feature a range of everyday people defying conventions, depicting people in various ways who “live life on their own terms.” With its prior efforts, the brand was targeting active, older millennial men and women who sought healthy snack options. Beauchamp says the new “It’s All Good” campaign is more about conveying a bolder tone and attitude, rather than trying to appeal to a particular group.

The national campaign is also the first time Agropur has worked with Lg2 on the Iögo brand, and was rolled out with ads across TV, online video, OOH and web banners.