Nutrl wants drinkers to see other people

The ready-to-drink vodka brand introduces a new product line with a sequel to its launch campaign.

Nutr7Nütrl is using the relationship “talk” to introduce consumers to a new product line.

Building on its “This Changes Everything” campaign and “Break Up With Beer” tagline, the new ad isn’t explicitly going after any other market segment this time, instead asking consumers to pursue “something Nü.”

Once again opting for a first person, black and white breakup motif, two spots have people announcing that they’d like to pursue a new relationship with the Nütrl Vodka Soda 7, a new higher ABV beverage from the ready-to-drink brand.

“We take share from beer, especially light beer,” according to Paul Meehan, an owner of the business in addition to being partner and creative strategist at Me&Ideas, the Vancouver agency that led the campaign. Meehan tells strategy that a large percentage of beer sold in Canada is sold in cans, which is why it went that route with its packaging, this time with an all-black, rather than all-white can.

When it launched its vodka soda in 2016 (distilled by Goodridge & Williams), the brand wanted to be first out of the gate with its three-ingredient entry in the growing ready-to-drink beverage space. With its latest flavour unveiling, Meehan says, the brand took a less descriptive approach, choosing instead to focus on the reveal of the new product, rather than address perceptions of the product’s sweetness or explain functional elements (for example, the “7″ in the new product’s name refers to its ABV, which isn’t explained in the new spots). This is because, Meehan says, of a greater familiarity with the Nutrl brand and the ready-to-drink vodka category as whole, compared to when it first launched.

In 2017, the vodka soda brand launched with a mass campaign on Rogers’ Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada. In 2019, Meehan says the brand is tapping into the NBA finals, because of how the Toronto Raptors have galvanized fan support nationwide Nütrl’s social spend is up from the $1 million for the previous campaign, to $2.6 million for its latest one.

Nütrl will also be holding sampling events in retail and on premises to supplement “Something Nü” and also announced a line of beachwear with a stylized “Nü” logo on men’s and women’s swimwear that’s available at its online store in time for summer.