Quebec’s Dairy Producers make biodegradable ads

A campaign focuses on members that are certified organic and emphasizes their connection to nature.


The latest campaign by Lg2 for Les Producteurs de lait du Québec aims to highlight the connection between its certified organic farms, the products they produce and nature.

All of the paper and glue used in the out-of-home and print ads for the campaign is fully biodegradable, which will fade and decompose over time, allowing it to return to nature. The biodegradable effect is also being replicated in display ads, where the ads fade away to reveal scenes of the kinds of farms where organic dairy products come from. In addition, a print insert in some magazines will come with a packet of basil seeds, along with a recipe for a homemade ricotta dish that can be made with organic milk once the plants have grown.


Les Producteurs de lait du Québec is currently aiming to double production of organic milk within five years, with plans to add 15 certified organic farms to its ranks every year. Bryan Denis, president of PLQ, says many of its members had been transitioning to organic for many years already, which gives the organization a head start in meeting growing consumer demand for organic food.

Emphasizing the connection to nature also fits with a trend among dairy farmers associations (including Les Producteurs de lait du Québec) to “dispel misconceptions” about dairy products and the farms that produce them – such as the image of the giant factory farm – amid declining overall dairy consumption.

Lg2 led creative on the campaign, which also includes online video and interactive display ads highlighting the connection between organic dairy farmers and nature, with media handled by Touche!