Cannes 2019: Canadian agencies earn 35 more nods across five shortlists

BBDO, Bensimon Byrne and Cossette are among the (many) agencies that earned shots at Film Craft, Design, Print, Health and Pharma Lions.

Cannes 13

This year’s Cannes Lions has yet to officially begin, but Canadian agencies have earned another 35 shortlist spots in the Film Craft, Design, Print & Publishing, Health & Wellness and Pharma Lions.

An impressive 12 shortlist spots were announced for four Canadian agencies in the Film Craft category.

Bensimon Byrne (along with production partners Alter Ego, Berkeley, Rooster, Untitled Films and Jigsaw Casting) earned six mentions on the shortlist for the category recognizing technical achievement in film and video ads for the “Boys Don’t Cry” spot for White Ribbon. BBDO Toronto was on the shortlist four times for its work with Right To Play (along with their production partners Moonlighting, Pirate Group, Skin & Bones, The Assembly and, again, Alter Ego), while McCann Canada and Cossette each earned a mention for work for Prostate Cancer Canada and Koho, respectively.

As for the Design category, a total of nine agencies picked up 11 shortlist mentions, including Cossette, Jam3, Leo Burnett, Lg2, Ogilvy, Rethink, Sid Lee, Taxi and Zulu Alpha Kilo.

Edelman picked up the lone Canadian nomination in the Pharma category, but Anomaly, Cossette, Bensimon Byrne and Grey Canada combined for 10 spots on the Health & Wellness shortlist. Also, while the campaign is credited to the U.S., McCann Canada and Saints Editorial are listed among the contributing agencies to “Second Chances,” a campaign by McCann Costa Mesa for non-profit Donate Life California.

Taxi also earned Canada its lone spot on the Print & Publishing Lions shortlist, for one of its pieces in the United Way’s “#Unignorable” platform.

Combined with the Outdoor Lions shortlist announced Saturday, and the Innovation and Glass Lions shortlist announced earlier this month, Canadian agencies have earned 43 shortlist spots prior to the festival’s official opening on June 17.

The Health & Wellness, Pharma, Print, Outdoor and Design Lions will all be awarded at Monday’s awards gala, with the Film Craft Lions set to be handed out on Tuesday.

Design (11)


McDonald’s Canada, “Happy Moving Day”
Partners: OMD Montreal

Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, “Children’s Identity”
Rebrand/refresh of an Existing Identity


Adidas Originals, “Complexcon”
Partners: ASA Digital/Kindly Beast/Pixelpusher/We Are Royale
UX, UI & Journey Design

Leo Burnett Toronto

TD, “TD Poster Bank”
Partners: Flash Reproductions


Gender Creative Kids Canada, “The You Inside Project”
Partners: Circonflex/Pretty in Plastic/Romeo & Fils/Shed
Infant Products, Toys & Educational Products

Ogilvy Canada

Huggies (Kimberly-Clark), “Huggies H-Section”
Medical Products


Fondation Emergence, “Pride Shield”
Partners: 1ONE Montréal / Morrison Films / TÖK Communications
Spatial & Sculptural Exhibitions and Experiences

Leaf Forward, “Pass The Bill”
Special Editions & Promotional Packaging

Sid Lee

Vision Zero Project (City of Montreal), “The Impactful Reminder”
Partners: BLVD/Outpost/Sud Ouest
Spatial & Sculptural Exhibitions and Experiences


United Way, “#Unignorable”
Partners: 4Zero1/Berkeley/Handsome Frank/Lossless Films/Michael Walker Studio 302/Touche!/Rock-it Promotions/Alter Ego

Zulu Alpha Kilo

Association of Registered Graphic Designers, “Speak the Truth”
Creation of a New Brand Identity

Film Craft (12)

BBDO Toronto

Right To Play, “Games Over Guns”
Partners: Alter Ego/Moonlighting/Pirate Group/Skin & Bones/The Assembly

Right To Play, “We Rise”
Partners: Alter Ego/Moonlighting/Pirate Group/Skin & Bones/The Assembly

Bensimon Byrne

White Ribbon, “Boys Don’t Cry”
Partners: Alter Ego/Berkeley/Rooster Post Production/Untitled Films/Narrative/Jigsaw Casting
Use of Original Music


Koho, “Dream Thieves”
Partners: Division/Family Production/Kouz Production/Mikros MPC Advertising/Cossette Media

McCann Canada

Prostate Cancer Canada, “Famous Fingers”
Partners: Alter Eg0/Grayson Matthews/Partners Film/Saints Editorial/M2/McCann Health

Health & Wellness (10)

Anomaly Toronto

Dosist, “Not Available in Canada”
Partners: Unreasonable Studios, Proven Advertising, Faulhaber Communications
Health & Wellness Tech

Bensimon Byrne

Casey House, “The Healing House”
Partners: Narrative, Westside Studio
Non-profit/Foundation-led Education & Awareness (Brand Experience & Activation)
Non-profit/Foundation-led Education & Awareness (Branded Content & Entertainment)

White Ribbon, “Boys Don’t Cry”
Partners: Alter Ego / Berkeley / Rooster Post Production / Untitled Films / Narrative / Jigsaw Casting
Non-profit/Foundation-led Education & Awareness


SickKids, “Air Time”
Partners: Pirate Group, OMD, Cossette Media
Health Services & Facilities

SickKids Foundation, “VS.: #10YearChallenge”
Fundraising & Advocacy
Health Services & Facilities

SickKids Foundation, “VS.: Crews”
Partners: Berkeley/Music Rights Clearance/Scouts Honour/The Assembly/The Vanity/OMD/Citizen Relations
Fundraising & Advocacy (Film Craft: Direction)
Fundraising & Advocacy (Film Craft: Cinematography)

Grey Canada

ADIABC, “The Puck”
Partners: Current Studios
Non-profit/Foundation-led Education & Awareness

Pharma (1)


Osteoporosis Canada and Amgen Canada, “Bubl Fashion”

Print & Publishing (1)


United Way, “#Unignorable – Domestic Violence”
Partners: Handsome Frank, Touche!, Rock-It Promotions