Cannes 2019: Momentum wins Grand Prix in Industry Craft

The Toronto and Worldwide offices win for a Nike program, while Lg2 takes Bronze for its work with 13th Street Winery.
B01_031 00791 JUST DO IT HQ AT THE CHURCH copy

How does one win a Grand Prix in a category that meticulously examines the artistry behind craft? You embrace collaboration across markets and agency teams to produce work that’s bigger than an idea; something that has legs and contributes to society for years to come.

That level of impact can be seen in Nike’s “Just Do It HQ at the Church” program, where Momentum Canada and Momentum Worldwide worked to bring new purpose to an abandoned church in Chicago by installing basketball courts so youth can safely play within their inner-city communities. And now the two offices are basking in Grand Prix glory as the program picks up the top prize in Industry Craft.

While the work was listed by Cannes as being entered by the U.S., it was led by Momentum Toronto and supported by Momentum Worldwide, says Raul Garcia, ECD at Momentum Toronto in an email to strategy. “Momentum Toronto handles experiential creative and production for Nike Basketball for Canada and Central US.”

The Church of Epiphany in Chicago was reimagined as a cultural hub, with state of the art equipment and weekly clinics to teach kids how to play and excel in the sport. It aligns with Nike’s reputation of helping to produce and support some of the country’s basketball legends, and gives high school-aged athletes the opportunity to train with the best of the best, according to the brand’s website.

“Nike didn’t splash logos everywhere and dominate, it created a haven for these kids… a place to escape the world and just be kids,” says jury president Trevor Robinson, founder and ECD at Quiet Storm, applauding the way the brand and agencies tastefully brought the elements to life. “Emotionally, this just blew [the jury] away… The idea that sport is a religion really came to life.”

Another campaign by a Canadian agency was given the chance to shine in Cannes.

A piece by Lg2 Canada for the 13th Street Winery, called “Subjectif,” was given a Bronze Lion in the category for being “aesthetically manipulating,” says Industry Craft juror Ralf Heuel.

The German-based CCO of Grabarz & Partner says he was personally moved by the work and fought hard for the piece to be given one of only 41 Industry Craft Lions.

“Subjectif” is what happens when a person doesn’t judge a book by its cover, or rather, a wine bottle by its packaging. Lg2 created 12 wine varietals and stripped their black and minimal labels of any and all information. The bottles were essentially label-less, and people didn’t know what type of wine they were drinking until they finished it. Only then did the typography  which was layered onto two layers and die-cut  reveal the wine varietal, from a Merlot to a Pinot Noir.

“When you open up an orange and inside you get a banana, it will taste weird because everything in your body says it should be an orange,” says Heuel, explaining the unique strategy in removing information on the label that states what a specific wine tastes like, leaving consumers to form an opinion of their own. “The piece presents a truth in that you can be manipulated, and that’s why it’s more than just packaging.”