CloudRaker wins assignment with StubHub U.K.

The Montreal-based agency's campaign for the online ticketing platform is its first for an international client.

CloudRaker was lead agency on a new brand campaign for StubHub that has landed in the United Kingdom, marking an international first for the Montreal-based agency.

The shop’s teams in Montreal and Toronto led strategic planning and creative to bring the platform’s “That StubHub Feeling” campaign to market across the pond. To ensure local relevance in the U.K. market, it worked with a British research firm on developing the insights.

Creative for the digital campaign, which includes online videos of 20-, 15- and 6-seconds as well as social content and banners, aims to showcase the excitement customers feel when purchasing tickets through the platform. The goal is to show “how we can express our satisfaction when we finally get a hold of these tickets we longed for so much,” says Gavin Drummond, creative director at CloudRaker.

The use of “classic advertising humour” is meant to appeal to British viewers, he says. “But what makes the ads especially fun for a U.K. audience is that these moments take place in public, where people are generally a lot more reserved than [Canadians] are. So when the characters cross the line into social embarrassment, they really cross it.”

The integrated campaign was CloudRaker’s first of this size for an international client.

It won the assignment through a pre-existing relationship with StubHub parent company eBay, according to Drummond. CloudRaker has worked on assignments for Kijiji, which is also owned by eBay, as well as StubHub Canada.

Some of that work was led by Marc-André Hade, former head of consumer marketing at Kijiji Canada, who has since moved into a marketing role at StubHub in the U.K.

“We were convinced that CloudRaker’s understanding of eBay, Kijiji and Stubhub Canada’s business and processes, our international network with Altavia and our expertise in retail and commerce would be beneficial to StubHub U.K.,” Drummond says. “So we worked with [Hade] on demonstrating all of this.”

For over a year, CloudRaker has been gradually positioning itself as a shop specializing in “meaningful commerce.” It added a retail and shopper marketing practice, became a founding member of McGill University’s new Bensadoun School of Retail Management, continued to expand its office in Toronto and most recently acquired Montreal-based trade marketing and retail logistics specialists ASK Marketing.

Drummond says CloudRaker’s growing expertise in retail and data helped shape the work it did for StubHub, allowing it to delve into the client’s data and research to better understand what British ticket shoppers look for when buying online.