Tech in Action: Infiniti sparks fast reaction on Instagram

The luxury brand creates a "choose your own adventure"-style experience that simulates taking a Q60 out on a test track.

infiniti1Taking a luxury vehicle like the ones from Infiniti for a ride on a test track is normally out of reach to most people, so the brand is using Instagram Stories to simulate it in a way that is a bit more accessible.

Created by Critical Mass, the campaign utilized Quick Reactions, a tool Instagram launched last fall. Based on answers to Quiz Stickers in Stories, the next piece of content shown to the user is customized. The agency used this to create a “choose your own adventure”-style experience that simulated driving Infiniti’s Q60 car on a test track, allowing users to customize the look of the car, as well as how they plan to react to different parts of the course.

Users have a limited amount of time to answer each question, with each story shorter than the one prior to simulate the quick decision making needed when driving. It ends with the option to book a real-life test drive by swiping up on the story to follow a link to the automaker’s website.

Jag Sharma, senior manager of global social media for Infiniti, said in a press release Instagram is “the single biggest opportunity for any premium brand right now,” as it is a mass platform that offers scale, but also has interactive narrative possibilities that can be connected to both brand and product.

infiniti2The social execution was first launched in the U.S., but is now being used globally. For the U.S. execution, the percentage of users that reached the final of the 13 posts in the series was 44.1%, a relatively high rate for a platform where drop-off is common. The rate of people who navigated away from the Stories was under 4% once they reached the third post. Post reach compared to other Infiniti social plays was up 112.8%, with engagement up by 129.6%.