Halo Top rents out an Airstream to promote new ice cream bar

The ice cream company is offering one-night trailer stays in three regions to promote the new product format.


Halo Top Creamery is giving customers the chance to spend one night in an Airstream trailer this summer to promote the Canadian launch of its new snackable bar-on-a-stick format.

Until the end of the month, the company is giving customers the chance to book an overnight stay for two in a “Halo Top Airstream” through TripAdvisor vacation rentals.

The Airstream – a trailer known for its rounded shape, polished metallic finish and overall “old school” aesthetic – comes with “Instagrammable interiors, stylish Halo Top apparel and gear, and a freezer filled to the brim with bars,” according to the company. Halo Top began taking reservations on Aug. 12 for a stay in Kananaskis, Alberta on the night of Aug. 17, and will be making stays in Prince Edward County, Ont., and Canning, N.S., available later this month, at a cost of $10 per booking.

Halo Top president and COO Doug Bouton says the goal is to offer Canadian consumers an experience that is “tied into the portability of the new product.” He says the strategy is aimed at giving customers the opportunity to try the new format “in the comfort of the Canadian outdoors,” and that it hopes to reach customers nationally by stopping in three different regions of the country.

The activation is being promoted through social channels and on the company’s website. Halo Top also partnered with travel website TripAdvisor to feature the listings on its platform. Otherwise, it works with Harbinger Communications on its Canadian promotional efforts.

Within the last year, the brand has launched limited-edition flavours and led a May long weekend giveaway in Toronto and Vancouver, in which it handed out pints at drive-thru locations that were also accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.

Halo Top decided to bring the bar format to Canada after launching it in the U.S. earlier this year. The L.A.-based ice cream company first entered in Canada in February 2018 with a product that is low in calories and sugar compared to some other brands.

The so-called “guilt-free ice cream” category is an increasingly competitive one. The last few years have seen low-cal competitor CoolWay rebrand (one week after Halo Top’s Canadian debut) and the emergence of other healthier treat options, such as dairy-free brand Yelloruit.