Last Door Recovery Society keeps the cap on the bottle

The Vancouver addiction treatment facility flips a viral trend to send a message about peer pressure.


Last Door Recovery Society got in on the “#BottleCapChallenge,” but used it as a message to keep the bottle closed for people working through alcohol addiction.

The so-called “#BottleCapChallenge” started last month when videos began appearing online, with people finding creative ways to unscrew the top of a bottle, usually by kicking or punching it. Like any viral trend, brands hopped on it, but they seemingly had an eye towards cause- and CSR-related work. Brita, for example, used the opportunity to talk about its commitment to reducing the amount of waste from single-use plastics.

The videos for Last Door start as many other videos in the “challenge” have, with two people – Alexander and Ignatius – lining up their shot on a closed bottle. Both walk away, revealing that Alexander has been sober since January and Ignatius since June. The pensive look on their faces is not them strategizing, but deciding to stick to their convictions. Alexander and Ignatius are currently checked in to Last Door’s facility outside of Vancouver.

Like Brita, Last Door’s campaign aims to get people to not participate in the challenge and spread awareness of its message.

According to Statistics Canada, 19.1% of Canadians met the qualifications to be classified as heavy drinkers in 2018, up from 18.1% in 2012. Last Door’s goal for the video is to improve awareness about this fact – which it says remains low despite rising addiction rates – and the resources available for people struggling with addiction. It is also specifically meant to reference the role peer pressure has in keeping people from staying sober, drawing a parallel between online trends and group situations that might encourage drinking.

The videos, created by Juniper Park\TBWA, have thus far earned over 51,000 views across Facebook and Instagram.