First Choice Haircutters promotes its stylists’ skills

The hair salon chain turns to its clients to show how the value-focused brand still has the ability to meet a customer's needs.

FC_HairIn an effort to stay a cut above other value-focused competitors, First Choice Haircutters is once again touting its relatability, while also showing how its stylists have the abilities to fill any need a client might have.

The chain of hair salons’ latest effort, “A Stylist for Everyone,” consists of two montage videos in 15- and 30-second formats with a diverse range of clients citing criteria for their “perfect stylist,” all while they’re getting a trim from a stylist that fills those needs.

Athena Kalkanis, brand director at First Choice Haircutters, says the approach in the new campaign is different from its previous effort “You Belong Here,” which highlighted its stylists’ personalities using a first person, documentary-style approach. While the brand is once again using its own stylists rather than actors, the focus is instead on interacting with clients and showing how their needs are met by the skills and capabilities of its stylists.

She adds that the campaign is also about further building the connection between customers and stylists. In addition to personality, the new campaign also reflects the feelings of comfort that develop over time when a salon can consistently deliver what a customer is looking for. According to Kalkanis, when it comes to targeting, it’s always been a broad audience of anyone who needs a haircut, but families with budgets to manage are key, along with teens and cost-conscious students and seniors.

Kalkanis says the quick-cut video format gave the brand the ability to move from one stylist in one region of the country, to another, in each of the provinces First Choice operates in. The message, she says, is that it doesn’t matter if you’re in St. John’s, Toronto or Kelowna, “there’s a stylist out there for everyone.” The format also allowed the brand to better showcase the range of abilities each of its team members has.

Kalkanis says marketing spend for “A Stylist for Everyone” is the same as the previous campaign, and has been similar over the last several years, as budgets are limited. Tag is the brand’s AOR.