Liberte highlights real yogurt culture in Morocco and Nepal

The General Mills brand continues its efforts to inspire people to see plain yogurt as a canvas for culinary expression.


It’s not quite a Homeric journey, but Liberté’s “Odyssey” campaign crossed two continents to show there is nothing plain about plain yogurt by highlighting its use in exotic settings.

In the two-minute spot, two travelers explore vibrant Nepalese and Moroccan locales, with yogurt playing an important role, such as a dip in a Kathmandu restaurant and as an ingredient in a Marrakesh souq market dish.

Jenny Chiasson, Liberté’s marketing communications manager, says the campaign is meant to showcases yogurt’s versatility as a blank canvas for culinary creations. That’s a thematic extension of the 2016 Taste Liberté campaign, which sent consumers to a digital hub containing content such as videos and “tasting notes” for yogurt with other ingredients and food pairings. That “first wave” of the brand platform, Chiasson says, tapped into the passion foods have for taste and cooking from scratch. With “The Odyssey,” however, Chiasson says the brand wanted consumers to come up with their own uses for the 15 varieties of plain-flavored yogurt the brand offers, inspired by travel documentary visuals.

The digital version of the spot is being promoted through a paid YouTube buy, but it is currently over-indexing on organic views (it has earned over 800,000 since being posted in July). Chiasson says she is not surprised by that fact, as the themes of global culture, taste and discovery has resonates with consumers beyond its core target. She says food is one of the best ways to discover the world and learn about other cultures, and the campaign plays on people’s openness to discovery by emphasizing two geographical regions with a strong yogurt culture.

The broader campaign includes TV, social media ads, digital takeovers and a dedicated landing page consumers can visit for inspiration or recipes. It was led by Cossette.