Earth Paws bakes dog treats inside a car

The all-natural pet brand created a new product line to highlight just how dangerous leaving a dog in a car can be.


Hundreds of pets die each summer due to owners leaving them inside vehicles, which can reach temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius on a warm day, even with a window cracked. But pet brand Earth Paws found a way to have its treats tackle this issue.

Earth Paws is a Canadian company that makes treats for pets from natural ingredients and are free from preservatives. Using one of its recipes, the brand – and agency Rethink – released a new line of dog treats called Hot Hounds, all of which were baked inside a car on a hot summer day.

HotHounds4The treats were bagged and sold online and in pet stores in the Vancouver area, with the profits being given to the British Columbia SPCA.

Besides being a fundraiser, the treats serve as a reminder to even the most responsible pet owners that leaving a pet in the car for any length of time can be dangerous. As Earth Paws founder Kevin Lee points out, there is a belief among many pet owners that a dog is safe when they make a quick trip inside a store, despite the fact that temperatures inside a car can double within 20 minutes on a warm day.

“Nobody sets out to hurt their pet when they leave them in a vehicle, yet dogs are still dying,” adds Hans Thiessen, partner and creative director of design at Rethink. “We needed to remind people of the fact that hot cars are deadly for dogs, in a fresh, provocative way.”

The treats are now sold out, but the microsite still gives visitors the option to make a donation to the SPCA.