Canada Goose celebrates global communities

A new docu-series features three heroes who are 'breaking boundaries' and connecting with the outdoors.

Canada Goose is bringing its aspirational storytelling to global markets with the launch of a new series documenting three individuals and their relationships to their communities.

“Live in the Open” is rolling out across key global markets, profiling Italian outdoor artist Alice Pasquini, Beijing-born polar expedition guide Jiayi Zhao and Canadian Indigenous leader and former NHL player Jordin Tootoo, three people who are “doing things differently, breaking boundaries and connecting with the outside world both physically and emotionally,” says Penny Brook, CMO at the winter apparel and parka brand.

A “Live in the Open” anthem spot introduces the campaign’s three heroes as individuals who are deeply connected to the land and their communities. Canada Goose began rolling out the videos on Friday starting with Pasquini, who has been travelling to various communities and leaving behind hand-painted murals. Next in the series is a video of Zhao, a sought-after guide for expeditions to the poles.

The campaign will conclude with Canada’s own Jordin Tootoo, who was the first Inuk player to join the NHL and devotes his time to advocating for Indigenous communities and mental health by talking about his own journey. Tootoo is the brand’s latest “Goose Person,” a list of “everyday heroes who strive for excellence” and includes tennis player Milos Raonic, dogsledder Lance Mackey, mountaineer Laurie Skreslet and others. The company says Tootoo’s video will “pay homage to raw and beautiful land of Nunavut.”

Canada Goose enlisted film director Janssen Powers and photographer Diana Markosian to document the journeys of each brand ambassador. According to Brook, the duo are appearing throughout the campaign as protagonists and a “connective thread.”

At its core, the campaign “unifies and celebrates the connection between the outdoors, the individual and community,” Brook says. “It connects with anyone who desires a connection with nature, regardless of whether that’s extreme wilderness or a local park.”

The documentary-style three-part series is being hosted on Canada Goose’s website, with content rolling out across its down digital channels, including email and social. Out-of-home and store window assets are rolling out in Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Shanghai, among other global markets, where Pasquini will help further bring the campaign to life in mural form. And for the first time on a global scale, Canada Goose will air the series in cinemas across global markets.

“True greatness is not just seeking greatness for yourself, it’s inspiring others to greatness,” Brook says about the campaign’s underlying message. “As a global brand, we want to ensure we’re connecting with communities all over the world.” By using protagonists from three different countries and backgrounds, the brand hopes its message will translate across the Canadian, European and Chinese markets, she says.

The delayed opening of the company’s first store in Beijing in December last year drew large crowds, despite calls for a boycott following the arrest of Huawei Technologies’ chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in late 2018. The Beijing store followed the opening of its first store in Hong Kong earlier in the year.

Here in Canada, the brand launched a bespoke collection and entrepreneurship program for Inuit communities in February as part of a campaign aimed at highlighting its connection to northern Canada.