Rick Hansen Foundation’s message goes everywhere

A new TV spot adds more reach to a year-long campaign to get Canadians to be more aware of accessibility.

The Rick Hansen Foundation is continuing its efforts to highlight the importance of accessibility by showing all the different places where it can be an issue – namely, all of them.

A new TV spot narrated by Emmy nominee Catherine O’Hara goes through a long list of every place imaginable, from parks and roads to restaurants and the rooms of a house, before showing people with an almost equally long list of disabilities and accessibility needs in those spaces. As the spot goes on, what begins as a very narrow, vertical frame begins to widen, symbolizing an increasingly accessible country where, as O’Hara says, “everyone can go everywhere.”

The TV spot, which will be airing nationally, comes as part of a year-long campaign to promote accessibility, which began with print, digital and out-of-home in the spring and radio executions in the summer.

One in five  Canadians currently live with a disability, a number that is expected to continue to increase, according to the Rick Hansen Foundation. One of the goals of the campaign has been to simply raise awareness for how buildings and spaces in Canada might not be accessible to a growing number of people, but it is also promotes the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification program, which was expanded nationally this year and trains people to designate and rate buildings for their accessibility.

Taxi, which has been working with The Rick Hansen Foundation on the campaign, also led creative on the new spot. Keeping with a track record of practicing what it preaches when it comes to accessibility, the ad is also available in an audio described version for the blind.