Adidas turns transit passes into scratch cards with AR

An execution inside Toronto streetcars gave any passenger with a phone the chance to win Ultra Boost sneakers.


Adidas Canada gave a campaign promoting its newest sneakers a “boost” by inviting transit riders to enter a contest via augmented reality.

Last week, streetcars in Toronto featured wraps promoting Adidas’ Ultra Boost ’19, part of a bigger integrated campaign promoting the new sneakers. After getting on the streetcars, riders could scan a QR code that appeared on ads inside the tram, taking them to an augmented reality interface that turned their Presto transit payment card into a scratch ticket. By tapping their screen, riders could “scratch” their card to see if they won a prize from Adidas, including a pair of Boost sneakers.

IMG_7186The streetcar ran down several routes in Toronto, but winners on the 505 Dundas route could hop off and redeem their prize at Adidas’ flagship store in Toronto, located at Yonge-Dundas Square. Winners were also given instructions on how to reach the store and redeem their prize after “scratching” their card, if they were taking a different route or getting off at other stops.

The execution was developed using WebAR, a platform that allows mobile users to access AR within any web browser. That offers better accessibility for the execution by removing the need to download a separate app, which would be especially burdensome for riders to do while in transit.

The campaign, led by the Toronto office of interactive agency Jam3, was promoted through social ads targeted to Torontonians, encouraging them to “boost their ride” and keep an eye out for the branded streetcars. The flagship store also featured “Boost My Ride” creative elements, such as floor decals resembling a transit map, and a booth that was made to look like a transit shelter and where prizes could be redeemed.