Aliments du Quebec rebrands to stand out

The organization promoting food sourced from Quebec opts for simplicity to catch the eye of consumers interested in local products.


Aliments du Québec is creating a new graphic identity and brand platform, augmented by TV elements, to breathe new life to a logo that was dated and whose design elements were difficult to print.

Founded in 1996, the non-profit organization, which champions the needs of the province’s agri-food industry, is hoping the new logo stands out on a crowded shelf and even draws attention outside provincial borders, according to Isabelle Roy, deputy director of Aliments du Québec.

She tells strategy that an independent agency doing research on behalf of  MAPAQ (Quebec’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) found that 67% of residents always or often taken into account logo of origin when shopping. Also, she says, 48% of Quebecois residents are willing to pay more for Aliments du Québec-branded products (which covers 22,000 products certified Aliments du Québec or Foods prepared in Quebec). However, Roy adds that the old logo, created in 2002, was getting lost on packaging, and that the latest effort was to better establish a connection with young people with a more cohesive look.

The new logo dispenses with the fleur-de-lis (which is still being used elsewhere as a design element), as Aliments adopts a simple, yellow “Q.” 


ailmentsRoy says that the supplementary campaign and TV spot is helping to re-emphasize the change, using the yellow logos as a substitute for pickles, beer bottle caps and egg yolks.

“Our goal is to re-educate the consumer to consider origin of product while they shop, whether it’s for the local economy, jobs, taste, or freshness, whatever the motivation,” Roy says.


The source of food and beverage products is a popular focal point for brands across categories, especially when it can play up local roots. The new branding and campaign was developed by Lg2, which has also been involved with Les Producteurs de lait du Québec on work that has also aimed to highlight the source of food connection between its certified organic farms, with the products they produce and nature.

Aliments du Québec is also a sponsor partner for #MTLàTABLE, Montréal’s two-week food festival, running from Nov. 1 to 13 at 150 participating restaurants. It is presenting signature events at seven restaurants under its menu program, spotlighting dishes that incorporate Québec ingredients.