Church’s Chicken gets a rebrand

The expanding QSR will be known as Church's Texas Chicken in Canada, as it moves to an integrated international brand.


Church’s Chicken will now be known as Church’s Texas Chicken in Canada as the QSR chain moves to have a more consistent experience across different markets in an increasingly competitive chicken category.

CTXC Puck LogoAs part of the name change, the restaurant is also getting a new visual identity, expressed in a new logo (pictured, left), as well as uniform and packaging designs that will debut in the new year. Church’s restaurants will also be getting a facelift to better reflect its Texas roots, incorporating things like the “lone star” symbol and jalapeno into the imagery, murals in the interior decor and a “warm colour palette” that still utilizes the gold and red consumers might be familiar with, with more wood-paneled accents.

The rebranding will also be taking effect in other markets in the Americas, which include Mexico and Honduras.

The rebranding marks the combination of the original Church’s Chicken brand, as well as the Texas Chicken brand the chain utilizes in markets outside of North America. Last year, the U.S.-based company said it was looking to create a more united brand experience in international markets, as it was noticing a different consumer experience depending on where a customer was visiting.

Tony Moralejo, EVP of international markets for Church’s, says that while the QSR has over 1,000 locations in the U.S., it is a challenger brand in most international markets, so it has to “work smarter at engaging consumers and staying fresh, exciting and relevant, yet embrace change to compete and win against an ever-growing tide of international and local competitors.”

In Canada, those competitors include the likes of KFC and Popeye’s, the latter of which now has roughly 70 locations in Canada. Popeye’s has expanded in recent years with new locations in markets like British Columbia, though those opening have come alongside the closing of some locations in Ontario.

Church’s has plans to open five new locations in Canada by the time the year is finished – with an Edmonton location to mark its first in Alberta – with plans to continue adding to its 10 locations in Ontario and 16 in British Columbia in the new year. The Edmonton location, as well as four in the Greater Toronto Area, are the first locations that have debuted the new branding and store layout.

“As we begin to elevate and differentiate our brand, our new Church’s Texas Chicken logo proudly puts our stamp on the map in Canada, and elsewhere around the world,” Moralejo says.